Sports Hypnotherapy

Sports Hypnotherapy

Most athletes when questioned say that mindset is between 50 – 90% of their performance.  Yet many spend far less than 50% of their training on their mindset.  Whether you’re a professional, semi-professional or weekend warrior, Sports Hypnotherapy is able to help you harness the power of your mindset in order to perform beyond what you thought was possible, time and time again.

Case studies using hypnosis to improve sports performance are universally successful.  Research shows that Sports Hypnotherapy can help to:

  • Increase motivation, self-efficacy, confidence & / or concentration to help set you up for an ideal performance
  • Reduce anxiety, improve composure, remove limiting beliefs, help you get in the ‘zone’ & set optimal arousal levels to help raise the bar on your performance
  • Improve recovery, healthily deal with pain and restore energy to help reduce the chance of injury.

A combined approach using hypnosis with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) can help you to manage and change any unwanted thoughts, feelings and behaviours which may be holding you back from performing at your best.  We can rehearse your ideal performance which can increase your confidence, improve your ability and improve your consistency. We can raise your internal beliefs around what you think you are capable of achieving, and alter your perception of effort allowing you to smash thorough any limits to your performance.

The many myths and misconceptions surrounding hypnosis can make people hesitant towards trying Sports Hypnotherapy.  However please be assured that you remain in complete control at all times.  Hypnosis is a skill that you learn, and it can feel different to different people.  However it is not an altered state of consciousness, more a state of focused attention which allows you to become more open to any suggestions made to you. It helps to shut out all the external noise and allow your mind the time to focus.

I also incorporate Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, somatic processing, mindfulness, meditation & breathwork into the work that I do. I use a range of evidence based tools and techniques to help you explore your limits, alter your perception of what you think is possible so you can smash your limits.

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